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Water in passenger footwell after rain

water in passenger footwell after rain i cant feel any soggyness around That was in the passenger footwell only and we blew through all of the  i thought ok there is something somewhere letting water in, it's finding it's way through whatever and ending up in the passenger floor. After a big rainstorm this weekend I found the floor mat in my rear passenger footwell was dripping wet, along with the carpet beneath it. Window and door were closed before you ask. 21 Oct 2008 Last resort, I suppose is to drill a hole in the floor, so the water can escape! I've read elsewhere on the internet about insufficient sealant on body  26 Jun 2008 It has been raining all day and ive just gone out in my v50. 2 Diesel. -- L\'escargot. not fun job I must say. The vapor barrier keeps the moisture out of your car during this process. Checked by pouring - Volkswagen 2004 Touareg question ; I can vouch for how much water can get trapped inside a car. let water in but usually this happens on the passenger side. Help! I noticed after a heavy rain. Rather than take car to Audi for another expensive fix I did some background work on the internet, found this great You Tube video posted in the The garage report they cannot locate the leak and keep adding more sealant each visit but after heavy rain there will be a small pool of water on the floor - passenger side. What I have also noticed is that in doing this no water runs out of the nearside but instead tracks across the car and runs out of the May 08, 2012 · After a cople of days of rain, my passenger running board was full of water and the front and back passenger footwells also had water in them. Oct 10, 2010 · I have a Vauxhall Corsa and the drivers' side footwell is very wetin fact, saturated. I have driven it in light rain with no problems or leaks how ever , after a night of heavy rain i went to have a look at my car to find the carpets soaked in both the passenger and driver footwell. After a rainy day, I had a puddle of water on the passenger side floor. as best I can ive tracked the leak to immediate left corner. My 2000 Clio has been pooling water in the passenger foot well. Almost impossible to see without getting the car lifted quite high. I have removed the door card and covered the door inside with an oversized piece of plastic to ensure any water is draining to the outside of the car, so no problems there, but Dec 15, 2008 · In order to see the water run in, I had to park the vehicle with the right front end down hill and run water over the roof above the passenger door -- the water ran in behind the passenger side fuse/relay box in the passenger footwell. anyone have any idea where the leak is. The passenger door electronics are fine. The front passenger footwell was damp, but had no standing water, and there was no evidence of water dripping from above or running down the sides of any of the Oct 10, 2010 · I have a Vauxhall Corsa and the drivers' side footwell is very wetin fact, saturated. Firstly the 1 series was parked in the rain along with the polo. just poured a bottle of water on the windshield and it came right into the footwell. There have been no apparent issues with it until the last month or so, when the passenger footwell fills with water after rain. I read that it could be to do with the sunroof, but I've run water down it and it seems to be running off completely fine. Soon it was very wet, and I had to google the symptom and reasons. Again, the car still leaks. Window I'm sure its plain old water because these pools appear after heavy rain. It had been raining like mad here in Houston so  11 Nov 2013 Hi does anyone know why the rear passenger side footwell would be full of we first noticed it after the heavy rain when the roads around here  13 Jul 2011 Like the title says - 2010 LR4 first time it has leaked water. Illustration 17 Issue Water ingress into the passenger front footwell. Could also run weedeater  In this post I'll cover the top five causes of wet carpets and what you can do about it. Here is another helpful document: Water leaks in through the rear door Oct 02, 2009 · 2005 X3 After heavy rains I find substantial water (2-3 quarts) at a time, only in the foot well in the driver side back seat. If the heater core or one of its hoses develops a leak, it's likely to puddle up on the passenger floor in the front. Figure 1 Jul 13, 2011 · Ive had water pool in the passanger footwell several time, and they always tell me its the drain tubes clogging up. This is the hatchback SEL trim. The only thing that makes sense is that it's coming from the A/C condenser drain. After a dry out, it had a day of hard rain today, and I see where water has dripped onto the carpet just inside the front passenger door sill, run down under the seat and ended by the edge of the rear mat next to the tunnel. We have had some heavy rain recently but the leak also occurs in normal amounts of rain. Ive recently noticed that ive a leak which is causing the passenger footwell to be wet. The last clue was that the water intrusion was due to AC condensate and not external rain water leaking Any ideas of how water is entering my Volkswagen Eos and settling in the passenger footwell with no signs or evidence of any leaks via the roof drains or doors? I've cleared out the leaves and rubbish from the air intake under the bonnet and windscreen. Fortunately, it rained the day after I picked up the truck. Feb 24, 2012 · Water leak in my passenger footwell! 2004 Mazda 6! I spotted the passenger side was soaking wet one day from the front to back seat after some heavy rain. I recently had a full respray done which could have covered the drains. I pulled up the carpeting (after vacuuming water) and then the insulation under carpeting was soaked. 5- 64116928326 Condensation Sensor ( it is behined the rear view mirror cover you cant use the old one, it will break if you take it out) 64116928326 Set, condensation sensors, bonded. 27 May 2004 Hard rain /Water front passenger footwell a/c drain, moonroof drain and windshield sealant - still it leaks water inside after every rain ! 15 May 2012 Now when it rains the passenger footwell fils up with water. Sep 14, 2020 · Hi BYAIC, I had the same problem, and MoparMap's description is right on. (Figure 1) No – proceed to Step 2. I dried it up last night, but by the time I arrived to work this morning, I noticed more water swirling around there. Jan 07, 2014 · My front passenger side was the same it was the pollen filter the water ended up near the seat as it just rolled back and stored there then it ended up running to the back passenger foot well but since I replaced the pollen filter that side don't leak anymore. I went to a car wash about a week ago and about a week and a half ago we had very heavy rain, however both times I did not detect any water coming into the Jeep and I have my hard top on. It was a lot of water in those pads so this probably explains it. Luckily, I've got weatherproof floor liners that contained the majority of the water. As of this morning, there is approx 1 inch of water in the rear foot well and more in the drivers foot well. Joined Nov 6, 2015 · 46 Posts . There was very heavy rain all weekend. They said they unclogged them but there was more water after a storm. Moved from vauxhall to Renault Captur last October . Our 2003 T & C AWD has a water leak that appears after a rain, or even after I wash the van, in the passenger side footwell. no I need to sort the drivers foot well. advice or a workshop manual - after the recent rain I found that water came cascading down the passenger footwell just after I start driving. several months ago i noticed a musty smell inside the cabin. I assume there is a drain hole near the bulkhead that has become blocked. On thursday we had 2 inches of rain in 2 hours. . I'm drying insulation pieces and carpet. Then think  I have a Vauxhall Corsa and the drivers' side footwell is very wetin fact, saturated. Only on the passenger side on the floor. I've spent my Christmas and this weekend trying to resolve wet footwells on my F10 3. Now ive only had the car 2weeks and this is the 3rd time ive noticed this previous times i assumed it must be wet from the wifes feet. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some water in my boot. I can't figure it out. Water in passenger side front floorboard I found the issue with why my 1999 toyota tacoma was gathering water in the front passenger side floorboard was the area between the passenger side door and the fender there is a cavity that allows the water to drain off was completely stopped/clogged up with leaves and dirt. I got inside the van after having pulled back the carpet and insulation, and had my daughter spray water on the windshield/cowl area, and After heavy rains we were seeing water in the passenger footwell. After cleaning it thoroughly i tested things by pouring some water directly into the sunroof drain hole. Fast forward to today, 2 weeks after the drain was fixed, I'm still seeing a quarter sized amount of moisture in the passenger side foot well. Can anybody offer any instructions/tips on how to remove items to easily get at the area? Nov 05, 2014 · When I got the roof lining down (After getting the carpet out I traced it from the back footwell to the front then up the side of the door pillar by the dash up into the roof where I realised it was wet) there was a load of water condensed around the passenger side of the sunroof and I think the connector going to the sunroof was dripping and Aug 19, 2019 · However I have one issue, this is that water is somehow getting into the front and rear passenger foot wells. Dealer is useless. You can just see the water to the right of the accelerator pedal below the foam wrapped connector. co. Best to blow compressed air into drains. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 25 Posts. Jul 04, 2016 · Last week, after some intense rain last week in Greenville, NC, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that there was a puddle of water on the floor of the passenger’s side. Then open the door, and check if the leak is from the plastic rain guard. There was no leaks coming from the sunroof itself. Symptoms are wet floorboards on passenger or drivers side. 5 Nov 2016 It got rain, which I don't let happen at my house(it's garaged). After work noticed water in passenger footwell. After another bout of heavy rain, it got saturated again and even in the dry  5 Dec 2017 There have been no apparent issues with it until the last month or so, when the passenger footwell fills with water after rain. I think i had it fixed in less that 1/2 hour. Apr 07, 2015 · I have a water leak that is causing pooling of water in the passenger foot well, both on top of and underneath the flooring/padding. After I was done I had sucked up a gallon of water (no joke). The water then moves forward to "dampen" the front passenger floor. The heater core is typically located just above the passenger footwell where it circulates hot engine coolant in front of a fan so you get hot air when the heater is turned on. It did it whilst parked at  CLK-Class (W208) - water in passenger footwell - I have water on the padding of after I bought the car, next thing I knew there was water in the passenger footwell. Mostly on the drivers side (like 1/4" standing water) and barely on the passenger side occassionally. The grommet is often used to route wiring and aerial cables into the vehicle. Last time it happened my local garage said it might be a drainage channel blocked with debris/leaves -- cleared it out for me and no problems for a month or so. Nov 14, 2012 · after several days of heavy rain, the ol' 9-4 has a puddle of water underneath the passenger side footwell carpeting. " - Day 4: Seems to start to dry up, will keep monitoring. Last. We have had alot of rain in Page 1 of 2 - water in drivers foot well - posted in Bodywork and Bling (Interior and Exterior): Evening , My mx5 has got a puddle of rain water in the drivers side foot well and Im hoping you fellas can help me out. I have had mine fixed 5 times at the dealer. 2003xi - passenger footwell New to the forum, unfortunately my first post is about an issue (!) There's a leak somewhere above the passenger footwell on my 2003 330xi. This cable bundle is sheathed in rubber and sealed each end. Two trips to the dealer resulted in all of the door gaskets being changed. It was dripping right off of the motor casing. I looked for a cracked window or maybe a leak from the windshield, but I couldn’t see anything; besides, the floor was the only part that was wet (the dashboard, the I think this is a strange one as it sounds just like the time my passenger footwell was wet it happened when it was raining i didn't notice till the next day as there was a big wet patch,I took it to vospers as it was still under warranty they put a hose all around the car but nothing they checked everywhere but all was dry,So took it home and then when the rain came again so did the wet patch Jun 10, 2011 · Re: Leaking water in passenger footwell In the Micra (no idea if the Jag is similar) water condenses on the air-con pipes and drips into a tray from where it drains down under the car. Afterwards, I took a hose and sprayed water, at the fender corners, at the firewall, thinking it was plugged, but the water flowed out, in behind the front wheels, at the mud flaps. Yesterday we had torrential rain--I came out of work--there was an inch and a half of … read more Re: Water Leaking onto Passenger Side Floor Post by johnboy1975 » 27 Jun 2019, 01:44 I had the SAME problem - water pouring into passenger footwell and even the rear footwell - thought it was the sunroof til my climate fan blew. It also was leaking on a large electrical connector on passenger side. where the rain water drains down the back of the wheel arch cover. I don't think its from a leaky hose somewhere (seems too coincidental that it happened during a rainstorm, and hasn't happened since). Register or Login to view. The car was serviced and so the filters (which the passenger one was found to be wet) and covers were replaced and sealed with a rubber silicone. Sep 05, 2008 · Heat resistor had packed up; and flooding on the passenger side (2 - 3 pints of water). The day after sealing this seam, 3-4 days of rain hit Baton Rouge without any obvious detriment to my car. We noticed a smell in my wife's 2011 Tiguan and discovered her passenger front and rear footwells were pretty wet. It's 100% caused  11 Mar 2014 Firstly the 1 series was parked in the rain along with the polo. I can see drips coming from the fan housing above. I read a LOT of history on the source of leaks, but nothing on how to DRAIN the water away. The rear was a pond before I noticed . I've checked under the bonnet and can't see anything obvious After a rain , i could have 1 inch of water in the back passenger seat and a wet front passenger seat. My first thought was to check the sunroof. Somehow the water went past the passenger's front footwell and only got into the carpet in the rear. Joined Dec 12, 2014 · 203 Oct 06, 2007 · Hi it also happen to me, 3rd day after buying my car (from a ford dealer) just brought it back and he showed me the seal under the bonnet that had the leak, to be honest just bring it in and get the seal changed if you don’t god knows what the long term damage could be trying to fix it again and again. Apr 06, 1999 · Hi After really heavy rain earlier this week, I noticed water coming into the passenger footwell. The rain wasn’t heavy, more of a fine drizzle but the water built up to a depth of about 15-20mm in the footwell. When I stopped at a parking lot to check it out, the drip was constant, and the passenger floorboard was soaked. My car has an automatic transmission. Just drips from the headliner and some wet spots along the passenger footwell. Even after cleaning the under-cowl, and adjusting the steel rain flap, the stupid thing still leaks on occasion. First time was after a prolonged, heavy rain. Took my older brother (big feet) for a ride, and afterwards had water in the passenger side, after running in hot weather with the air on. The seats were not wet or the dash / door cards Car had been parked overnight and next morning I found a puddle in the passenger footwell. For indoor, some improvements are added. ) The carpet was soaked. '16 Limited After some heavy rainfall, I had a pool in my front passenger footwell! Haven't noticed this before but considering I have the standard Subie floor mat, which hid the water underneath, I'm not sure if it hasn't occurred. I can hear it being spun around by the heater blower motor. The health danger is that the water has nowhere to go inside the car and will get musty and moldy. After a heavy rain the foot wells are soaked. I believe I have found where the water is getting into the foot wells but cannot figure out why. Jan 24, 2018 · Hello, I have water in the passenger footwell of my 09 rav4. I pulled the glovebox to do a little digging and found that the source of the water was the HVAC cutout on the firewall. Heavy rain again last night and I have woken up again this morning and there is water in Page 1 of 2 - water in drivers foot well - posted in Bodywork and Bling (Interior and Exterior): Evening , My mx5 has got a puddle of rain water in the drivers side foot well and Im hoping you fellas can help me out. Searched all over the net and only came up with wrong series C Max  11 Sep 2016 The beading ensures that rain water that enters from the door Another source of water in the passenger footwell is AC-related - if the AC  10 Aug 2019 After the heavens opened recently with heavy rain all day, the passenger footwell has decided to collect 2" of water. May 03, 2009 · I have a 2000 porsche 996 cabriolet in San Francisco CA. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. Mixednuts · Ride it lika ya stole it! Joined Sep 18, 2007 · 183 Posts . Must have been installed that way in the factory, and due to lack of deluvian downpours like the one last night in Atlanta, went unnoticed. However i removed all trim and carpet to get to it replaced and all works ok (expcept i need to recode the bluetooth unit to use the phone). Back panel is actually dusty so I can't see it being the 3rd brake light although will reseal that on spec. it turns out that if this dies then the whole mmi won't work PANIC!!. Footwell soaked and leaking roof - Mini cooper convertible HELP!! I bought my car new and it is now 6 years old. It did not help. Not to say for sure this is your problem but as noted by others it has happened before. I had my company car parked at an account and was outside on the passenger side Sep 04, 2012 · Then when accelerating, when enough water has built up, the water flows back into the rear footwell where it accumulates. We are well versed in the usual roof, door and boot leaks and all those areas were dry. Went to the dealer and the rep fixed it in 10 seconds on the spot. What I found was the a/c drain tube comes through the firewall on the passenger side. Having looked on  24 Apr 2018 We had a light shower this evening and the water seems to be clear indicating its rain water. I was getting sodden carpets (the rear passenger side the worst) and also the drivers footwell. Its not coming from the poo sealing on the doors, windows, or windshield. Rain water leaking into passenger footwell particularly after heavy rain. After lifting the carpets, found loads of water, and since seen it  Could be excessive Scottish rain and pudles coming underneath so when get GF has an E39 with water on rear passenger side floor mat. I have had the AC condenser line blown out and that wasn't the issue, so I am convinced it's water intrusion from rain. We've had a decent amount of rain here in the past few days, and when I was out a couple days ago, I noticed water dripping from under my dashboard into the passenger footwell. It has been like this for a few weeks and originally happened during a spell of heavy rain and then dried during a dry spell. I suspect that your front carpet (passenger side) is wet as well. I heard a plugged AC drain might do this, but I don't know where it is. Removed the plug under the car Dec 12, 2014 · C/K :: Water Leak In Passenger Footwell When It Rains. "Water tested vehicle for 20 min. it goes in friday for a look see. 2014 Ford Escape --- Water Leak - A Column My vehicle developed a water leak, at the passenger side A-column, at 2600 miles. One person pulled up the carpet in the passenger foot well and felt for water leaking or dripping as another person held a water hose over the car at all angles. Paul1046 · Registered. Love the car but for the past 4 weeks I've been tearing my hair out trying to find how water is getting into the drivers footwell and even seaping into the rear passenger footwell. Sep 24, 2011 · I had an Audi that would put A/C condensate water into the rear passenger's side footwell when the A/C drain stuck shut. and 2 to the rear, these do tend to get blocked with all the rubbish in the air/rain. I did do a search a few weeks ago and found an issue with the Pollen Filter covers. The car was parked on the drive overnight in the rain (heaviest on record for those playing in Western Australia) and when i came out this morning the drivers foot well was full of water. This can be an  28 Dec 2009 common leak on Pontiac vehicles. The water seems to be getting in somewhere around the left hand side of  Several people have reported water leaking into the passenger footwell - especially after heavy rain. i'm worried it is coming in from the side marker lamp, and the reason i am worried is because that was replaced due to condensation and i am wondering if life is telling me i was better off not having it replaced! Sep 07, 2019 · Yes - I have a D3 that has the same problem - thought that at water bottle had spilled in the front passenger footwell. Dec 13, 2008 · water leak in front foot well area 06 gt coupe I just fixed a water leak that caused wet floor on both front sides of car. Check the rubber grommet located behind the carpet in the left side footwell (or from within the engine bay itself). There is Jan 24, 2009 · Just want to know if there are any known faults with the 205 gti with water gettting inI went out to my car yesterday morning after all that heavy rain we had to find that the passenger footwell was completely soaked, I took the car mat out and water was pouring out of it, there was a nice sized puddle left in the car. Jan 24, 2017 · Whenever it rains, I have a puddle of water in the rear passenger foot well. You should take care of this issue since the ECU (computer) is located in the passenger footwell and the wiring harness and connector may be in the path of the  18 Aug 2008 After a long drive in the pouring rain the passenger footwell carpet was saturated! Took it to the mechanics where overnight there was a thunder  18 Sep 2008 Water in Driver's Side Footwell after Rain A load of gunk came out of mine on the passenger side (drivers side for US cars) where I was  25 Feb 2015 Your front passenger side drain hole is probably clogged. Drive's side passenger door, water gets between door and floor panel after rain. First I though it just came form opening the doors in the rain, but after wiping everything clean and checking on it in about an hour later I was shocked to find the rear left footwell wet. I have a 2000 S-10 Ext cab ZR-2 that is leaking water inside the passenger side foot well near the kick panel. Joined Jul 27, 2019 · 4 Posts . Today, after starting the car and moving it a couple feet, water started coming out from near the front passenger side wheel well (where the rain water usually drips from after going through the windshield. No sunroof! Originally I thought that water in this footwell had been from one night where it rained and  25 Jan 2012 I am confused we had some amount of rain here so there is no question where the water ultimately came from However, how it got in is a  Have discovered why carpet got wet after each time car was driven it's down to more I can do apart from suck up the water after every day it rains Big Cry Forum brilliant to date, Thursday passenger foot well swimming so  Hello all my passenger footwell has fille d with water after rain I though I had found the problem of leaves under bonnet but another shower  I own a 2008 Rav4 Mk3 and just recently we had some very heavy rain and I found quite a big puddle of water in the footwell (passenger side). The give away was the odd water drop falling off the release handle when I had a look hours after the ingress. Oct 11, 2014 · Had some serious rain here, and now the passenger front footwell is wet. Problems back again (pouring with rain all day here Water leak passenger side floor. 12 Aug 2015 The floor was wet after the first rain. Run weed wacker line again. Needless to say, I was pissed. Handed in to my local bmw dealer where I bought it about 15 months ago to investigate it and havering everything in the back end of Progress on my soundproofing/sound system refit was halted by a water leak into the front passenger footwell The carpet is out, exposing the bare floor, and I noticed that after days parked in heavy rain, there was a few mm depth of water along the side of the floor, all the way back to the seat crossmember. I had checked around the website and came to the conclusion it might be getting passed the BCM cover. soaking wet after  my car was all steamed up (after a night of heavy rain fall), went out to investigated to find about a half inch of water in the passenger footwell! Only the drivers footwell and behind the driver gets wet. I've had it back to the Chevy dealer (3) times and each time they said they thought they I had my windshield replaced a few years ago and only with heavy heavy rain it would leak. Unlike the leak on the passenger side, this one is not coming along the firewall - the firewall is bone dry. Don't ask me how. I cleared all the leaves and muck out of my scuttle drain and hoped this was the problem. of water that leaked inside. Anyone know of this to be a common fault with the seals around the doors or anything? Might be worth lifting the bonnet as there is drain on the bulkhead that runs from the scuttle panel below the windscreen. To confirm it is definitely rain water and not coolant. Have not noticed while driving, just notice puddle on floor mat and drips from heater box area when we go out to truck in morning or later in day after truck has been sitting all day. Same spots. Big leak on passenger side All Jaguar I-Pace related discussions - Jaguar been from heavy rain coming into the car when we opened the doors. My Scenic 3 was on the drive (which didn't flood), and when I went out in the car after the rain had stopped, the passenger well was very wet and the small storage compartment in the floor in front of the passenger seat was literally full of water. Jun 02, 2012 · After some heavy rain last night came out to the fx to find water in my passenger footwell ,removed the glove box and there is water in my cabin filter and everything behind the glove box is wet . Anyway   12 Jan 2019 Getting water in passenger foot well area and some electrical issues at rain storms since I have had top off and no water on passenger side  22 May 2017 So it was raining all day and I noticed my passange raise footwell is soaking wet from the sender of What's in the footwell, coolant or water? 5 Nov 2015 where a lot of water collects in the passenger footwell when it rains. Seat Alhambra 1996 1. With the door closed, spray water onto the windshield for a couple of minutes. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 14 of 14 Posts. After removing the trim around the driver and front passenger footwells, I've found the problem: water is seeping out from a foam I was giving my 2008 Altima SL its spring clean (last week) and noticed water under the right rear passenger foot mat. There's an electrical cable run between the door controls and the main body. Jan 20, 2012 · After a while I noticed that the passenger side floor gets a little bit wet. It's only in one spot. Let us know how you get on. wtf Can anyone tell me what this is because its soaked ??? When it rains heavy water leaks into my car. The leak stopped after we pulled away from the car wash. Apr 11, 2012 · A few weeks ago we experienced a heavy rainstorm. This time they said it IS the vapor barriers, which they re-sealed. Jul 27, 2010 · It was a reasonable amount of water. Bought 08 Kangoo in May. I had a few initial ideas why it might be happening but my remedies have proved fruitless. uk website a fair few have had the same issue I thought due to the heavy amount of snow we'd had and rain that I might have a leak somewhere The water was coming in from the passenger door. my passenger footwell in my corsa is damp i can only assume its rain water, the rear passenger footwell is also a bit wet. I've been meaning to investigate my wet carpet in the  28 Oct 2019 If a puddle of liquid has formed in the passenger footwell of your car, the event that any water leaks past the sunroof (or its left ajar in the rain),  20 Oct 2017 For example, if the water is in the passenger footwell and you don't see it after rain, it might be coming from the ventilation system. So far I have read on thsi site about water in boot being from the rear light cluster foam gasket and a lot about front footwells and clearing the plenum drain. I finally found a small leak in the windshield seal. It only lasts a 20 seconds or so and then stops. 24 Jul 2019 You may experience this in the summer even more often on hot day. solution. I have a 2002 bmw 745i which has just started leaking water onto the floor of the passsengers right hand side rear when it rains. I know it isn't a door seal because I can reach up and put my finger behind the screw for the glovebox hinge (I think that's what it is) and there's a ton of water in there. Causes of a Wet Passenger Side Floor Mat #5: Leaking Windows It features drain holes in the corners so, if it begins to rain while the sunroof is open, water  4 Jul 2016 The passenger floor is also where a blocked drain from the Air Conditioner or the air vent (the grilled area in front of the windscreen) ends up. Note: Follow seam up under the windscreen flange. I have read that this is a common problem and that the seal may need replacing. I checked the drain holes in the engine bay and they are dry and clear (poured water down to check). Typically this is coupled with observations  19 Aug 2008 HVAC filter housing seal (most likely since its passenger side) Today is raining and my floor is completely wet on the front passenger side. Happens when it rains haven't had the truck long enough too test if a/c also causes leak. This is on the passenger side behind the glove box. Re: Water in Passenger Foot Well Post by Tet70 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:50 am I don't know the proper English name for the part, but there's this plastic air duct thing between the engine compartment and the windscreen, with grille on both ends (left and right side of the car, near bonnet hinges). Jun 30, 2016 · After removing the passenger seat and lifting the carpets up even more i set about the task of drying the footwells, foam & carpets. i do not know how the outside water "rain" gets inside that AC fan module. I made an analysis after removing the rear left interior door panel and made a video on the observations. After pulling the carpet and examining the pads, this makes the most sense. After removal of my seat, pulling the carpet back. After any heavy rain I have a sizeable puddle of water in the driver's side footwell and saturated carpets. Ive owned it for three months without any major dramas. The usual cause is a mixture of a poor cowl panel design I mean foot well. I also Hmmn, I did have water on the rear parcel shelf on mine now it's mentioned but that was the dodgy non-genuine sharks fin aerial which was leaking. I had the car parked under the roof If you are experiencing water on the passenger side floor of your car or truck, and if it's not antifreeze, 99% of the time it is a simple fix: unclog the ex After a lot of rain, there was about 3 inches of water in the driver footwell today. Sep 07, 2014 · Hi all, after some pretty heavy rain over here in Perth today my dad noticed a s*#tload of water in the passenger footwell of his 2013 VRX. The car had been sitting all day since I drove it to work and was out in the rain for several hours Anyone else have issues with water pooling in the front passenger footwell after a heavy rain storm? I’m not sure where it could be coming in. A week or so later, more rain and we have a lot of water now. Seems there is a ventilation tube joint just behind the upholstery towards the center console that can come undone. Theres 2 rubbers sticking through panel behind engine approx 2"x1" easy to get to dont need to be a machanic or in work clothes they clog up with muck and leaves i cleared them out with fingers probably best with a thin screwdriver loads of water Sep 11, 2019 · Hence after cleaning window glass, I kept pouring water for some time. IM not sure where to start? We use cookies to make the site easier to use. After a water test it looks to me that the water is running through the car Aug 04, 2014 · One screw was loose and it seemed to stop leaking after I tightened it. When I got the car back, there was water in the passenger side footwell. Put my hand up under the dash and directly in the centre of the footwell dash and could feel it was wet, and the packing or foam I felt was wet through. If you notice that your floor mat carpet is wet on the passenger side this is  30 Jul 2017 The Focus Mk1 has a common problem with water getting in the cabin and ending up soaking the carpet. Have a 2001 TJ I pulled up the carpet on the passenger side today and found a large amount of water sitting there rusting away the floor pan. prise off cover on arm to reveal 13mm nut, undo nut and remove wiper arm. Took me about a month to discover the cause. We had rain yesterday and I did not drive the car. I have checked all seals, even replaced boot seal as found that was letting in some water, but haven't found the leak yet. Causes of a Wet Passenger Side Floor Mat #3: Leaking Doors. I took the hood cowel off and noticed the intake baffle for the vent ducting. after checking forums on the internet i started looking for a I took the cover that is at the bottom of the blower in the passenger footwell and to remove the water I removed what looks like a heating device (about 3 inches by 2 inches) with one screw and then I can access inside the blower to suck out the water. Aug 01, 2019 · 1. AC Water Leak 2. It's 100% caused by water from the outside, and not from the A/C evaporator. I have an 04 Focus that started to leak water into the passenger foot well in the last week or so. The usual cause is a mixture of a poor  31 Mar 2017 Town Cars, Crown Victoria's and Mercury Grand Marquis have a known issue with water leaking onto the passengers floor. There was some gunk in it which I blew out but did not solve problem. I have an unusual problem with my car. They again kindly looked at it and have assured me all is ok. BlueJc 09:36 AM 06-27-2017. The door seal seems fine (and there's no wind-noise). I noticed last week that the footwell on the front passenger seat is wet through - I'm presuming this is due to the heavy rainful over the past couple of weeks. but hard to tell. I took it to the dealer Nov 09, 2009 · I had the same problem on my 2003 A6 Avant, after heavy rain drove up a hill from work and loads of water poured into front passenger footwell and I could hear water sloshing about behind dashboard. 9L water leak drivers footwell Massive water leak into drivers footwell. Recently I noticed water in the rear passenger footwell. There was no other sign of water entrance: seats, door frame, etc. Help! - Water in passenger the footwell - L'escargot : To help trace the source of a water/rain leak into a car look inside the car for evidence of water running down near-vertical surfaces. I just discovered water in the passenger footwell, and I mean a lot of water, the whole insulation is filthy soaked, I pulled the whole thing off and it's drying at the moment. after weeks of looking for broken seals etc I came across this side and it has made my day. Last Thursday I almost got hit by a runaway truck. Nothing that gets the rear passenger footwell wet though. Sep 11, 2017 · Hi all, Ive got a 2008 RS wagon. Jul 31, 2019 · On Monday morning I noticed that there was about 10mm of water in my passenger footwell and also in the rear passenger footwell. Aug 19, 2019 · The rear left hand side footwell is soaked after rain, both when it is moving and still. I'm just wondering why water is in there, or how it got in there. Driver's side was bone dry (Is that a rarity?). a minor scrape on the passenger side wing, another on the passenger side doors lowdown and some minor marks, some of which I have tried to show in the pictures. Since yesterday, I've noticed that there's water swirling around in the rear passanger footwell. As I was worried about the water affecting the electrics, it has been back twice and I asked them to ensure it was safe and repaired. After heavy rain as soon as I start my P38 I get water flowing down from under the glove box. Water drips in near the top of the pedal arms. Oct 26, 2016 · The standing water in the footwell is most likely caused by vegetation caked in the vent system drains beneath the the cowl. I have a water leak. I don't know if it helps, but the heaters don't work very well either. 6 16v Water in passenger footwell - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes Water leak in passenger footwell C/K Car Forums . Jun 16, 2016 · Water came in to drivers side footwell of my daughters 2012 FordKA due to blockage of rain water. Open your If that area is full of rain water it usually get inside through a plastic grommet which usually pops out. I have noticed that sometimes during especially hard rains, water will build up in the right hand side rear passenger footwell, beneath the carpet. Its on the passenger side & has a black plastic flap, when it rains the water from the scuttle panel drains down & the weight of the water should open the flap. The wet area was limited to the section closer to the door and near the footrest. 93 k1500 350 has a water leak in the passenger footwell. I have an 85 VW Westy that has slightly wet passenger side front carpet after a hard rain. Fast forward to this week and there was some heavy rain and I came back to find my passenger footwell of my FN2 just as bad as ever. Now it's not coolant so it's not the heater core. Funny thing is i have  I have water leaking on the floor of the passenger side. I must've taken the area apart five times and dried it with a hair drier . Interestingly, after a downpour of rain, when you rock the car, or slowly pull-away, you can actually hear the water sloshing as the car moves from side to side. When it rains heavy water leaks into my car. But then I was too lazy I totally forgot about it after the Summer. Honda Accord (1990 - 2002) - Water on floor of passenger side of car after rain - I have a 2003 Accord and the last 2 times it has rained I have had a lot of water  14 Sep 2011 After it has been raining when she backs out of the drive there is a trickle of water that runs down from behind the glove box and down the LH side  Basically I'm seeing water in the passenger's footwell after driving in very heavy rain. Hi guys, I've owned my MK5 just over a month now and I've noticed the front passenger footwell gets really wet when it rains. Ford Focus Water In Rear Passenger Footwell. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul I had a blocked drain hole under the battery, after heavy rain the passenger footwell flooded and took out the bluetooth unit. The water is sitting in the passenger foot well but in the corner closest to the driver. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. It was dry everywhere else (including by the center console). I had a few initial ideas why it might be happening but my  that the passenger footwell gets soaked after it has been raining. Hi,Hope someone can help. To my surprise I discovered a little water seepage/ drops on the rear " door step", the plastic trim that hold the carpet down. Reading all the posts,  my car drivers footwell has been getting saturated with water recently. I noticed the water was  If the rear sunroof drain is blocked the water will flow from the back seat to the front footwell, since that's the lowest point of the floor pan. Why does water pour in passenger side footwell in car after rain you maybe right. Its been out in the r I'm still new at this game, but after a recent rainy few days, I found standing water in the passenger side of the front footwell of my '93 LWB. The rest of  20 Dec 2018 Open sunroof and check in each corner for a small, maybe 1/8" drain hole. I checked it with a garden hose and NO leak! before the repair, i could see a stream drip down behind the glove box. Nov 27, 2012 · After the initail what the f**k moment had a look in and around where the battery sits (remove plastic lid/cover) saw a great big trough of water! Took, the battery out, had a prod around and the drain holes were blocked so water collected rather than draining. Aug 31, 2019 · Water in passenger rear footwell and under car Please help. 1; 2; Next. After heavy rains we were seeing water in the passenger footwell. A damp carpet or water on floor passenger side situation can be caused by a plugged AC condensate drain line, a leaking heater core, leaking windshield seal, a problem with sunroof drains or water ingestion from the fresh air intake on your car’s HVAC system. It's either air con condensation or leaking rain water. It was dripping down directly from the centre of the dash on the passenger side footwell. The pipe on mine hadn't been fitted properly and acted like a plug so after the tray had filled up, the first corner I came to had the water sloshing over the Jan 28, 2012 · Basically I'm seeing water in the passenger's footwell after driving in very heavy rain. The water was pooling and draining in the right places. After all, depending on the area where you live, you could be getting snow and rain throughout the fall and winter and storms in the spring and summer. Dealer detailed the car after Mar 30, 2016 · 2014 Transit Connect vehicles may exhibit a water leak into the driver and/or passenger side footwell. Dec 23, 2012 · Mk4 Water Leak In Drivers Foot well and Passenger Rear Foot well! - SOLVED - posted in MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora: Hi guys I am sure this has been done to death but its water leak time! My golf has developed a water leak. Its coming from somewhere near the top inner area . I was furious. It has only 35,000 miles on & last thing I was expecting was to be looking for source of a water leak in such a fresh bmw. Over the last few weeks, the offside rear passenger footwell keeps getting very wet with water about 5 to 10 mm deep, something that has never happened before. Proceed to Step 2. Dealer had to remove all carpet, vinyl, and foam layers and let them dry out over several days. Since the rain no issues. after heavy rain, when i got in the car and drove, within a few minutes i could see water spilling into the passenger footwell. The 2013 Focus ST, on the other hand, is equipped with a turbocharged 2. The problem was the windshield seal at the bottom corners at each side were exposed just a tiny bit. My mother-in-laws 2000 CR-V is notorious for dripping into pass foot well after a large rain. You may want to have someone else pour water in the channels while you observe the flow going into the bucket/bottle. (15:th-May-2016, 16:35:11) Benthomas Wrote: You are not allowed to view links. I noticed the water was coming from behind the cubby, dripping from the screws behind the cubby. The liquid on the ground should be clear, any colour in the fluid indicates a  26 Apr 2019 So was raining today pretty heavy. My car has 80000 miles. Turned out there was a small hole in the floor and somehow the rain had got in there. Passenger side is totally clear. It was a hot day and the A/C had been on prior to the car wash with the floor vents open. I did not think much about it, but this morning I noticed a huge puddle in the same spot! It took a bunch of towels and a shop-vac to get it dry. After sitting in the back seat in rain, to find the leak, it seems that the water is seeping in through the top door seal, down around the inside door frame an under the carpet in the rear left corner. Water, Water Everywhere. May 25, 2011 · The car had been sitting for the past 3 days and we did have some heavy rain. It was soaked all along the side closest to the door. SERVICE PROCEDURE. It's definitely not coolant though as it only appears after a rain and I went through the car wash and the water was sudsy. May 08, 2018 · Water on floor passenger side Diagnose and fix water on floor passenger side. Water in Front Passenger Footwell. All the water still ended up in the cabine floor. We have experienced some fairly extreme weather recently so driving rain or surface water penetrating a door seal is possible. The water in the footwell is quite considerable and is creating pools when the carpet is compressed. After another bout of heavy rain, it got saturated again and even in the dry weather doesn't seem to by drying out at all. It was unplugged from the HVAC box, and is very obvious. Where the water is collecting I do not know. This was after a pretty heavy rain but not sure exactly when it happened. The wiring harness box was all wet too. I have checked the roof pretty thoroughly and everything seems quite dry up there. If I have the climate control switched on then I get lots of water flow into passenger footwell. Rain Leak I suspected AC water leak because the floor gets wet only in Summer. After a heavy rain water was pooled in my front passenger floor boardabout a cup 21 Jan 2003 I have been dealing with an inch of water in the rear passenger footwell since the winter rains started about 6 weeks ago. Jul 31, 2006 · After purchasing our 2000 CRV (used) we took it to a car wash. Hi all,Im after some help! I went out to my car this morning and noticed a pool of water on the passenger side mat. . Carpet smells great now!!!! and that moisture has a way of making it into the AC system and I'm sure causing some mold and mildew buildup. I have a list of recalls a mile long never the mind the Passenger-side Water Leak I've had my 2007 RAV4 w/o any problems until this passenger-side water leak noticed at the beginning of December. Possible cause: On left hand drive vehicles only - Especially when you are driving and take a turn, the water will slosh up through the hole and into the front of the car. Nov 15, 2015 · Unfortunately I have water in passenger side rear footwell on my F10 2011 model 520d msport. Sep 09, 2016 · Last week I noticed a horrible smell when I sat in my 9n3 polo. Parked the ST and went to work. I haven't noticed anything before since getting the  If you notice the floor in your Subaru is wet after driving through heavy rain, or even a car wash, there's a chance that the seal around the windshield has been  There were a few leaves in the mesh drains either side but I'm not sure if there were enough to block them, although we had had some very heavy rain. Afterwards, I went out to my car and there was a puddle of water on my passenger side. Just bought an '06 Colorado and have the same issue. To check if this is the problem, lay down towels by the bottom door panel inside of the car. When using the car there is also a "sloshing" noise in the engine bay. Water ingress drivers footwell MX5 Mk III '09 but there is a known problem with water getting into the passenger's side and if there are similar trim fixings either side, then this may be Carefully pour water into the side drain channels of the sunroof. Apr 17, 2014 · 4- 51717180743 Rain Tray / Water Deflector. We have had alot of rain in Mar 10, 2008 · Where the base of the windscreen wipers are there is sometimes a channel for the rain water and windscreen wash to drain away. The truck is once again back at the dealer to find the source of the leak. Heavy rain again last night and I have woken up again this morning and there is water in Aug 31, 2010 · vauxhall signum water in footwell, vectra footwell passenger water, vectra water in passenger footwell, my Vauxhall Vectra 08 plate fills up with water when it rains, water getting into footwells Holden vectra 2004, vectra c water in passenger footwell, when it rains theres water in the passenger foot well my car vectra, vectra c drain holes Apr 18, 2014 · During heavy rain or while driving at high speeds on a wet freeway, the rear passenger floor gets soaked. In heavy rain water enters the gap at the rear of the bonnet and runs downs towards the grommet. All sunroofs leak some water and that leak off is normally handled by the drain lines. But didn't fing anything specifically obout the rear footwells. Everytime it rained I had a puddle in the passenger footwell, til I plugged it up Mar 13, 2006 · My 93 Legacy Estate (Wagon) had water in the driver footwell after rain last year. Now draining is okay, maybe possible pinch on hose. It seems to be coming from the engine area into the car. I really get a lot of water in there. i have bought the 2nd hand so not much of a history. There's a thick pad under the floor carpet that will soak up some water, but after awhile it becomes noticeable. Sometimes those slight windshield leaks are really hard to locate and not obvious. Please find the same below. This is with the climate control/fan switched off. Now I have done this the rear footwell is staying dry, however when putting my hand up under the foam in the passenger footwell on the side near the door I could feel sign's of water getting in. were all dry. 2 Jun 2013 Our 2003 T & C AWD has a water leak that appears after a rain, or even after I wash the van, in the passenger side footwell. There is a plastic/rubber drain tube (about 1/2 inch in diameter, sometimes corrugated) that takes water from the bottom of the heater box, and exits through Jan 05, 2008 · i have a 2005 mustang. I have removed the door card and covered the door inside with an oversized piece of plastic to ensure any water is draining to the outside of the car, so no problems there, but Water leak in passenger footwell C/K Car Forums . This piece doesn't seem like it's supposed to hold water, it has a flimsy rubber gasket that also seems to leak. i noticed it about a week a go, i cleared it out and had hoped it was just a build up from off my shoes, but no, after last nights rain it was drenched again. So the rain has been affecting us and i have some terrible luck with 2 of my cars. 0D. It's not coming through the doors, and I don't have a sunroof; it's actually running down the bulkhead in the passenger footwell and making its way back to form a pool i Thanks, footwell flooring looks solid at first glance but will check out that windscreen as it does have I little bit of whitening in the laminate on the bottom edge which is a sign of water ingress, will get the hose out ans try the sunroof, windscreen, grill and wiper rubber mounts with my son under the dash! Jul 27, 2019 · Rain water in passenger footwell. 12 Aug 2019 Things to Know if Your Car's Carpet is Wet on the Passenger Side from the service shows up inside the passenger's footwell when it hasn't been raining in the dashboard leaking into onto the floor on the passenger's side. It was enough to completely saturate the carpet and mat without having a visible pool of water. Where could this water be coming from? The passenger footwell of my Skoda Yeti fills with water after rain - is this a pre-existing fault? I purchased a 2009 Skoda Yeti in June 2017. 7 Apr 2014 Hi guys Car is 2005 E90 320D saloon. about a pint of water. Significant water saturation of passenger floorboards front and back. Calibar · Registered. I have a 2000 Focus ZTS DOHC . It is hard to see however so look close. I have a 2002 5 door yaris CDX with sunroof, and have had it since new and it hasnt been in an accident. Jan 07, 2018 · Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me identify and access the windscreen water drains in my 3. The plastic near the front windshield ( bottom area) is loose. I used a wet dry vacuum and got most of it up. May 13, 2014 · I never had a lot (standing) of water in the car. It’s between the car body and a silver heat shield. i cant feel any soggyness around the perimeter of the floor, it re May 14, 2018 · Hi everyone. bonnet closed: take off the passenger wiper arm and blade. I've also seen the rear lights on the tailgates of an estate leak water on a few cars which you solve by drilling tiny holes in them. Nov 22, 2012 · 8/5/2003 9-3 Sport Sedan, Water on rear floor after car wash or heavy rain Remove door panel trim on that side and check the water/vapor barrier seal, add butyl tape to reseal as needed. After it has been raining when she backs out of the drive there is a trickle of water that runs down from behind the glove box and down the LH side of the passenger footwell carpet on to the mat. It is a 97 1500 LS. Hi I'm new to the forum and new to Jaguar having just bought an '06 X Type SE 2. Open the door after a rain and woosh out comes the water, if it's a really bad rain, the back footwell is soaked. I thought it was because of a water bottle I had in the car with a while so I gave the carpet a chance to dry well today Water ingress into the front footwell. Fortunately, there are simple ways to protect your car from water damage. Possible reasons I found were: 1. By design, water can get into the inside of your car's doors, either from rain or from splashing by passing cars on wet roads. I had a leaking windscreen seal which let water in the footwell in my Volvo. I have poured water down the near side drain channel in the bottom corner of the windscreen and this effectively simulates the problem. We have had some torrential rain down here in Somerset during the past 24-hours and this morning the Z3 had a puddle in the passenger foot-well. I've checked the drains under the scuttle panel and they are clear and The pinch would allow normal rain water to flow through, but any more and it was backing up and running down the inside of the interior trim, and then down over the electrics to the floorwell. I checked the condensate drain line at the engine firewall. my 2002 toyoya sienna has a bad water leak,after a couple weeks of winter rain storms,the front carpets are soaked below the floor mats,the car has no sunroof,and it only leaks or shows signs of this when parked flat in my driveway. Mar 05, 2020 · The day before I did it I had a 3" puddle in the drivers foot well, in all the rain we've had recently it's been bone dry. Nothing on the drivers Aug 28, 2016 · Auto-Trend Repairs and Service Information Forums-> 1979-1991 Mercedes-Benz R107 + W126-> Water Leak Mercedes-Benz W126 560 SEL - Filling passenger rear footwell after rain. garage and turns out the drain located in the front side panel behind the wheel  26 May 2008 Ford Escort RS Turbo - Water in the footwell when heavy rain - My passenger side footwell seems to fill with water whenever there is bad rain. After driving around for some errands, I decided to check the passenger footwell again. Jan 26, 2009 · my car drivers footwell has been getting saturated with water recently. Oct 08, 2011 · It's all how you park your car fella, My two were always parked slightly parked nose downhill and the the road has a slight camber at the kerb, after a couple of days of rain the passengers footwell was a pond. Dec 15, 2014 · I have 2010 with a sunroof, and after getting 3 inches of rain (with high winds) in a day last week, I noticed about 2 inches of water pooled on the floor of the rear passenger side. Passenger-side Water Leak I've had my 2007 RAV4 w/o any problems until this passenger-side water leak noticed at the beginning of December. I managed to track it to underneath the carpet on the front passenger footwell. I have an issue with water entering the passenger footwell (RHD) of my P38. I cleaned out the drains in the cowl (which desperately needed it) but that didn’t solve it. Ford Focus Water In Rear Passenger Footwell Mar 30, 2015 · Water would then run past the glass, exit through the door sill, and into the driver side foot well. Oct 03, 2010 · Water In Passenger Footwell. Ended up turning air con off and just using windscreen fast clear to keep screen clear and then baling out the water and drying it out. then, i noticed a wet spot in the carpet on the passenger side. So i pulled a long hard thick wire from the drain hole to the gommet, pulled it back and forth a couple of times, then used compressed air to blow the channel out and now the water test was ok. If anyone gets this problem resolved please post. It is a lovely car etc but first time it rained the passenger footwell behind the driver seat filled with water. in such a way as to channel the rain water to a drain either side of the car. Sep 08, 2013 · I took the plastic shield out from under the dashboard right under the fan motor and left the water running. On further investigation found a lot of water in the nearside passenger footwell - a lot I guess because of the recent rain. Please subscribe and thanks for watching! 22 Mar 2020 Water can leak into your passenger compartment from outside or inside the car, often from The driver side floor is soaking wet after the rain. After a hard rain look in your door seal, and see if you see a small stream of water. ostrici · Registered. Aug 29, 2014 · After checking all the usual suspects; cowl drains, sunroof drains and the AC drain, I was still getting water in the passenger footwell. I searched all the forums for an answer. I noticed it during a few days of rain which led me to believe there was a broken seal in the door but I  WJ WG Wet Carpet (Water Leaking In Passenger Foot-well After Rain) - FIX. If there is ANY hole at all in the barrier, no matter how small you will get pools of water in your foot well. Love the car and all has been fine until last couple of weeks. Your first order of business is to get as much water out of your car as possible as quickly as you can. Well, I'm not exactly sure it's leaking there but that is the place where I see it dripping out. Vx charged me for the new heat resistor, but at least I did not have to pay for £120 water leak investigation. So before I haul it off to the shop, anyone else have this I have water coming into the passenger foot well after it rains. and did not see any water coming in, inspected AC drain and used compressed air to clear hose; a small amount of water began to drip out, drain clog was suspected so removed hose and found no obstructions. 0D (late 2010). Go. Passenger side is wet also but much less so. The front passenger footwell is also wet, but not as much. The carpet is still out. The issue happens when the vehicle is parked and is exposed to heavy rain. The front passengers feet got an unexpected shower from about 8oz. I have two wires coming around the AC drain plug but the insulation starts to be wet only half way to the floor after that. If your floorboards have an inch or more of standing water, you’ll want to use a wet/dry vac to suck it out, taking particular care to get into the nooks and crannies between the seats, center console and armrests. Wet carpets and smell. Through removing all the carpets, seats and linings over the last couple of weeks, to find where the leak was coming from and to dry all the foam etc out (whilst also going insane), I have narrowed the leak to coming in behind the grey Jul 13, 2011 · Ive had water pool in the passanger footwell several time, and they always tell me its the drain tubes clogging up. Passenger side rear footwell was soaking wet, soaked a book that had fallen on the floor. 1 of 2 Go to page. check the air vents outside of the vehicle under the windshield wipers, also check the rubber seals around the passenger door, and window. Rains have started here in the east coast and today I found that my front passenger foot well is flooded with rain water . Can this be caused by a blockage? There's 2 areas where leaves and pine needles gather between the bonnet and front window under the wipers. The box collects the condensate (water). I noticed it last week, I dried it out, put a towel under the mat, and drove it a few hundred miles (no rain). i after last nights rain it was drenched again. Water in the passenger foot well. I don’t get it. All the seals look fine: door, window, sunroof. Jan 24, 2018 · Water in Rear Passenger footwell - A Class 180 BlueEFFICIENCY I did a search for this problem and on the aclassclub. With all this rain we are having in melbourne will have to have a look tomorrow morning as the dripping appears to come from above or near the glovebox area. Aug 12, 2015 · I wish I NEVER purchased a 2008 RAV4!!!! my passenger floorboard was like a swimming pool of water splashing around after a hard rain. In general there are several possible causes of water ingress to a foot well, from a damaged or deformed door seal to a blocked air-conditioning drain hose or damaged heat exchanger. Repeat until satisfied. I've had a look under the bonnet and everything seems in order. If it's rain it will (obviously) be easier during or immediately after the rain. Issue: Possible cause: Poor sealing of the vertical seam at rear of the engine bay (see Illustration 17). Start A New Topic Reply Post Info The Focus Mk1 has a common problem with water getting in the cabin and ending up soaking the carpet. The auto shop first told me the vapor barriers we ok, that it was caused by clogged sun roof drains. I've fixed one source of water that was leaking into the passenger side footwell via the insulation surrounding the A/D drain line, but I still have a leak on the drivers side after a rain, and it's strange. Amazing how much condensation water can dump from the drain tube. This can force water into the Jul 29, 2018 · A repair shop cleared any old leaves next to and over the fender drain on passenger side by the windshield wiper, and cleared any possible blockage with a forced air hose. Dec 01, 2008 · After a rain storm I hear a slooshing noise and then a gush a water pours into the front passenger seat of my car. I was concerned that water might also splash into and travel down the frame (which runs at an angle between the floorpan and transmission) or into some of the crevices where this seal might continue into, but the front appears to have been the weak point. Opened drain plugs to get rest of water out. after checking,water testing,removing kick panels i don't see any water dripping from under dash area's on either Finally got the water leak(s) sorted !!! After spending what has felt like an eternity getting to the bottom of the rain getting into my 944 I have finally got her watertight (well apart from the rear light clusters that I need some sealant for). several weeks ago, after a hard rain i had a lot of water on the passenger side floor. 10 Dec 2011 I've had water dripping into the passenger footwell of my mk3 Volkswagen severe enough that I can see the water with my eyes after it rains. This time that i took it in, they said the drain tubes were cracked and needed to be replaced (not under warranty) and $540. But do you park on the flat or on a slope? And if it’s on a slope, does the water end up in the same place whichever direction the car faces? Think about where the water is gathering and what’s above it. also they will dry the car out for you and believe me I tried and that take a lot of hair Water leaking into Volkswagen footwell after rain into Volkswagen footwell after rain. both sides, and it still leaks. it will cause the front carpets to become damp, usually the passenger side foot- well. If I shower the bottom of the screen/body area where the wiper arms and vents are, water appears inside. As regards to the running board I understand that I need to unblock the drains. 20 Jan 2011 Hi There I noticed quite a bit of water in the passenger footwell this of rain water from the passenger side footwell and rear passenger side  Mazda Tribute - Water Leak passenger side when raining - After heavy rain my passenger side footwell is soaking wet I cannot find any cause of the leaks  9 Feb 2014 06 X-Type Water Leak Filling Passenger Side Front and Back The recent onslaught of rain has been no fun for anyone but I woke up yesterday, under the car but also coming in through the footwell, just behind the wheel. The e87 footwell passenger front and rear, soaked. but never  13 Jan 2006 Every time we get heavy rain, my passenger side footwell gets soaked. After some time when I checked the footwell while taking out the floor mats, I could see presence of water. It has been known for this channel to block and instead of the water draining away it holds inside the channel for a long period and causes the steel to rust. It's definitely water, not coolant. There’s no stains in the sunroof shade or the ceiling fabric. Water in Passenger Footwell. Is water leaking into the passenger footwell? Yes – check the evaporator core drain tube and reattach the evaporator core drain tube if loose. Hi, I recently bought a used 1999 Camry and yesterday after a day of heavy rains I found the passenger side carpet soaking wet with a small puddle of water on the rubber section of the floor mat on the same side. Now im wondering if the cause is going to be from this TSB and not "cracked" drain tubes. It appears to be coming in around the heater core but I'm not sure. Discussion Jan 12, 2020 · 2015 golf gti. By the end of this article I've traced (almost) a slight leak into the driver's footwell that's enough to soak the carpet after several days rain. I sucked the water up with a carpet cleaner. Discussion Starter • #1 • May It's actually not related to water entering the vehicle from outside as I orignally assumed--I thoroughly dried out the footwells and after a long drive today (with no rain) I noticed that the water was back again. I have had the car a couple of years and this has never happened bef It appears to be coming in from the actual floor, exactly where a passenger left foot would rest. The seal along the top was no longer sealing, and in heavy rain water made it's way  My sons 2007 C Max : I just located this problem after 6 hours work today. Ford tried to do a nice job by lining the vent holes (two-left and right) with rubber pieces oval on top and duck-billed where they exit, but plant debris goes in wet and dries hard so water cannot leave. Normally, any water that gets into the door will drain out onto the road -- but the door's drain holes can become clogged, too. Hahah yes! True on all counts. While i was out i noticed that there was water leaking in the front passenger footwell. If it is not the cowl vent drain that rain water could be coming in through a poor fitting windshield seal . Items in the map pocket were wet, and the rear floor mat had quite a lot of water soaked into it. Sure enough, the water leaking onto rear right hand side footwell after rain 2 Answers. Fourth time since then that I have found big puddle of water in passenger footwell after its been raining. 8T Avant 2001. Jul 28, 2020 · Actually, making sure that your vehicle is waterproof is incredibly important all year round. After a few minutes there was a drip. Jun 15, 2019 · 2007 Peugeot 207 1. water in footwell behind drivers seat - posted in New Member Introductions: Dear all, just purchased an Audi A6 1. Feb 05, 2013 · Peugot 206 water in the footwell? I have a 2002 peugot 206 and after the recent heavy rain, the passenger side front foot well filled up with water. There is water in the drivers front and passenger rear foot wells. The carpet and the underfelt are saturated and I noticed the water was still getting in the same spot, just in front of the passenger door under the glovebox. Sep 14, 2013 · Water In Footwells ? - posted in MX-5 / Roadster Forum: Hi I have recently bought my self a Mazda mx5 it has a soft top which looks in good condition. For example, if the water is in the passenger footwell and you don’t see it after rain, it might be coming from the ventilation system. I too was experiencing water buildup (lots) in the rear passenger footwell. I also had an issue with water in the passenger footwell although the cause was quite different. water in passenger footwell after rain

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